Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rabbit pendrive~sweet memory.


"Hi! How are you? My name is rabbit. This is my story.

The first day I met my owner,I'm so happy. She looks nice.=p..Her friend named Asmaa' bought me for her, and my owner said I'm super cute and said that she likes me so much. She even gave me a hat to make me look more cute.

Even though I like the idea of having a hat, but I don't think it's a brilliant idea to take my body as a hat. She should buy another "real" hat if she's really want to, but I think she is trying to provoke me.

It's ok. After all I'm just a pendrive. But sometimes I did worried about my ownwer. She thinks about me too much, and she want me to have friends so I don't feel lonely. It's a good thing, but, yea,why should a pendrive has friends? She should allow me to have facebook account instead. (-.-")

So meet my new friend.

I remembered one day my owner said this," This keychain will be your best friend forever,". I don't know what is the keychain means, but she did stick to me wherever I go. It's okay, I like her because she let me rest in her like a blanket.

Then, my owner introduced me to another friend. She's so pretty! And she's so lucky because my owner put her on her bag, so she can see the environment clearly. I always just stayed inside the hot-dark-boring bag, i'm lucky I have my best friend with me. It's okay then.

"Let's take picture together.Smileee!^_^"
Last but not least, my other friend. She is super big, but so cute. Hehe. We always play together when my owner don't have anything to do. Now we are a happy big family.^_^

Thank you my owner! You make me feel so blessed and happy!^_^"

Note: I found this diary of my rabbit pendrive. She's being kidnapped long ago and I miss her so much now. We've created such beautiful memory together..Till meet again.=)

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Puan Fifiey said...

wah best nya jadi bunny ni...