Monday, November 22, 2010

Newly wed! ^_^


How do you do? Currently I'm not feeling that well with colds and coughs and little bit flu, but I should update my blog because I've got many things in mind rite now. By da way my semester is over and I'm enjoying my vacation at home. It always nice to be at home, isn't it?

Now I don't know where should I start, but I really have to.. It's because I've promised someone to write this entry. ^_^ She is someone dat I just know, and she is just nice, and friendly, and lovely, and have a blog and love cooking and baking like me. And..and...(fuh, getting really excited) and she is my new sister-in-law! Welcome Feer to our big family..!Feer is her nickname, which her full name is a little bit long (Firdawsi dot) I don't know(-.-")) By da way, it's such a great pleasure to have you in even though I've already got 3 sisters. We are all family now, really can't wait to meet you. We sure can be a great companion, as we've got same hobby and interests.^_^

And to all the readers, this girl just married to my older brother, or best known as Tg. Hazwan..Oh I forgot to tell, she is not a Malaysian, but she is rooted from Indonesia and lives at Holland since her childhood. She grows up there among Muslims community, and if I'm not mistaken she can't even speak java.(correct me if I'm wrong). She speaks dutch but she is good in english so language does play important role here, and this is also da reason why I'm writing in english rite now. It's my first time, and Feer you should be proud becoz I'm doing dis for you.hehe.

They got married at Feer's hometown, and I not attended the event due to my classes and busy schedule. Only my father and few relatives accompanied him. So I never met Feer in person but I'm sure she is a nice person, if she's not, then how come my brother fall in love with her?^_^..

But somehow I've talk to her via skype, and she is truely friendly.^_^You know Feer, we all getting very excited to talk to you, but at da same time felt nervous too. It's good dat you're quite friendly and an easy-going person, really hope to see u very soon.^_^And don't forget to convince Hazu to teach you Malay, it is easy to learn you know.=)

Ok now lets the pictures talk about the love story between the 2 countries:^_^(Click on the picture for larger image)

I really want dis cake holder..

Look delicious right? Feer u have to cook dis when you come here..^_^

~Love dis picture the most

Newly wed!^_^

When abah came back to Malaysia, he brings along so many chocolates,

Some of them

and I've got my own chocolate, Oh I don't know if can I eat dis. It's my nickname and I just can't! I'm not even eat dis chocolate till now, it's me dat too sentimental or what? I just don't know. Please don't give me something meaningful like dis anymore, i gonna keep it in fridge like forever.='(

I like dis waffle, a little bit sweet buy I love it.Thanks..

Last but not least, abah bought me a cake's recipe book, and ask me to try da recipes like one day one recipe..I'm gonna be fat.=(..hehe. If you're here then we can try them together.^_^

And yes, thank you for all the gifts..really appreciate it.^_^

That's all for now! To Feer, as i believed you were meant to be with my brother, perhaps you will try your best to be a better wife everyday. Even though I not even experienced being a wife, but I learn a lot from my sisters (our sisters)..One day my time will come, n I hope I can learn from you too.=D

And remember dis:

Prophet Muhammad once said, "The whole world is pleasure, and the best pleasure of the world is the righteous woman.”( Quotes on marriage from Muslim)

with love,
-G (not sister G)- ^_^