Friday, May 10, 2013

Foods~ why so lovable?? =)

My chicken chop..=)

I always love cooking, and it grows bigger after marriage (actually eating is much more fun than cooking)..hehe. It always be my dream to cook for my husband, and it's really a nice thing ever to see mr husband smiling and enjoying the meal. Alhamdulillah the dream finally come true..^_^

Nice smile, abg! =)

Ingat lagi pesan orang tua-tua, ikat perut suami dengan air tangan sendiri, I've been working to learn cooking ever since my teenager time, in preparation for my husband. Trust me, I did not even know who will be my husband, didn't have anyone though. Really. But, I know one day I will be marry to someone, and it might be really shameful if I cannot cook. Then I believe I have to be prepared. Cooking is something really basic for woman. It's a waste if we cannot cook when actually we can cook. Believe me, everyone can cook if they want to. 

Then I believe, to be a good cook, we need to experience the cooking process. Always wonder why mak-mak mampu menyediakan masakan yang sedap dan menyelerakan. And there is no way you can cook so perfectly at your first try. THEN, if you never cook before marriage, how can you cook nice meal for mr husband? This thought have been with more for like years. So it's the point. Teenagers, start cook now for your future.

Now it's time for me to enjoy cooking, at least when the passion is still there...hehe^_^ Ops, not to forget my master study, he, but the life has been SO NICE now before I'll go busy busy after this,, i know life not gonna be same after this. Abang, please be prepared too...^_^

Lepas ni nak masukkan resepi dalam blog insyaAllah, bila makin banyak masak, makin banyak pulak resepi..jadi cepat pulak lupa. Simptom2 nak tua le tu..hehe. Ada buku resepi sendiri dah tercabut-cabut sampai jatuh bawah rumah. Sayang pula rasanya. Okay jumpa lagi next time.=)

-Puan Fatin..=)