Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Believe in yourself~


Ini post yang dah lama tersimpan dalam draft, Akhirnya post jgk hari ni.^_^selamat membaca.=)

Today while preparing 'cucur udang' for my abah, I realized that cooking is so easy, if u know the steps. Cooking is one of my interests, but yet I understand why girls out there really scared to get closer to the pans and kitchen.

I used to be a very lazy little girl back then, and I were thinking like "oh I just hate cooking". At that time I just did what my ummi told me, and continuously asking about how to cut the onion every time we cooked. Oh shame girl, it just simple but I make it sound complicated. Yes that's it. It's because I think too much..I want it to be perfectly served. But somehow, when we can get into something (in my case is cooking), everything becomes a lot easier..Believed me, once you get the confidence, there is nothing you can't do.

I've taste many foods that are good enough for others, but not for me and vice versa. My father once asked me, "can u describe this food's taste in words?" He want me to differentiate between the sour and the sweet, and the bitter and salty. How I gonna do that? can anybody tell me what is the taste of sweet in words? yes it is sweet or in malay we call it "manis", but how do you tell others what do you taste? I mean, if it is sweet, then how sweet is that? is it possible if some people love sweet, then they will say, "ah this is not too sweet", while others like "I will get diabetes, this is totally sweet". See? People have different perception in life, so just grow confidence in yourselves. If we cook, some people may like it, some people will not. Maybe it's too sweet, or too salty but it's normal. At least it taste good for us, so just be confidence.

I write this because I do think people really have different perception in life. It depends on our environment, our way of thinking and how we believed in something. Because each people has different mind, so I believed we need some guidance to live in this life so everything will be in the place. As a Muslim, I believed Islam guide us in every single things. Islam has everything, it's only us that don't know or don't want to know, or maybe too arrogant to find the truth. Our job is to be better everyday, and trying good doesn't mean you're good. There's a lot things to be improved every single day.=)Good luck to all of you!^_^

And here are some pictures,as a good reminder for me~ "we could do anything if we believe we can". I'm really scared to cook before, and i never baked a cake until last year..Who knows I now taking order and have my own cupcake's business..I'm still a learner so I will improve my skills as times go by. I'm not a good cook, but Insya Allah I'm on my way.May Allah gives His guidance and guide me in every single step.^_^

Saturday, December 4, 2010



How are you? its really has been long time. Hmm, I want to update but I was thinking whether I should continue writing in malay or english..If I write in Malay then Feer will not understand unless she uses google translator. In the other hand I can write well in Malay and don't have to be careful with my grammar and other things.

But I do think english is a global language and when I gives something, or talk about something, then more people can read my blog, and its not restricted to Malay only so more people will get the benefit. Ahh the conflict keep repeating in my mind. Any suggestion? My sister said this is my blog, so just write what you have in your mind. But I concern about the reader most, hmm, I will think about it over again.^_^

Till meet again.=)