Saturday, December 4, 2010



How are you? its really has been long time. Hmm, I want to update but I was thinking whether I should continue writing in malay or english..If I write in Malay then Feer will not understand unless she uses google translator. In the other hand I can write well in Malay and don't have to be careful with my grammar and other things.

But I do think english is a global language and when I gives something, or talk about something, then more people can read my blog, and its not restricted to Malay only so more people will get the benefit. Ahh the conflict keep repeating in my mind. Any suggestion? My sister said this is my blog, so just write what you have in your mind. But I concern about the reader most, hmm, I will think about it over again.^_^

Till meet again.=)


meself,Ms Fint said...

campur pun boleh.. yg phm bhs melayu bukan 200 je. ramai lah juge.. xkisah kot mane2 pun.

Anonymous said...

Yup.. combination of both languages.. so that u can grab ur reader either malay or non-malay, young or older...

The most important is that u keep up-date ur blog for the sake of Islam and benefit of the readers..

Anonymous said...

the comment above from hujjati.