Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Birthday!


I have a little brother. Not that little. He's already 18th two days ago..It's his birthday and I did nothing except pray for his success here and hereafter. I told him, all the wishes on birthday is not that important IF they didn't pray for you in their do'a. Well, facebook is the one who remember your birthday, and he tell everyone about your birthday..Maybe some people do remember your birthday, but it's their do'a that more important. And he agreed with me. So I didn't make cake for him like last year, well he's on diet ( ye ke?) and it's just my excuse actually. Hehe, sori Hanif, i'm not in mood to made cake.

Hmm, what can I say about him. He's grown up healthily, except some nose bleeding sometimes. He has chubby-fat experience before so I'm happy he's getting slim-but-not-yet-tough now. Until he can forget to ask me to prepare special omellete,korean lunch set or cakes everytime he's at home, I think it's pretty hard for him to get tough body. Well it's his own fault.=p

Currently, he always avoid to go out with me alone especially when we have to go out without anyone else. Me too, it's quite awkward when people will think we're like a couple and it's not good at all. Well sometimes it look sweet when you go out with your brother, but to think people will judge what we do without care to ask, make me feels uncomfortable. Again, this is depends on your principle. I'm not that type to go out with boy easily without reason, so this is a big deal for me. But yea, because i'm a naughty sister, I like to hold his hand while walking with intention to joke around, and he would get mad and start walked faster and leaved me alone behind. This is funny! He even pretend he didn't know me, hehe, he's one funny boy.

I agree I'm quite close to him. He knows almost all of my secrets, and he knows me well even though he is 5 years younger than me. We did fought, of course, it's normal isn't it. But he also knows how to make me smile again.=)

Now he's growing up. And he will explore the world by himself. He's no longer little kid who I can bully ( He even take revenge to me now, stating he's now bigger than me ). But as time goes by, I become a little bit worry. He is now a teenager, and this is the time he will get some inner conflicts and identity disorder. In this scary world, I really worry if he lost himself and follow the wrong path. Maybe this is how the mothers feel when they worry about their children.

All can i do is just keep praying to Allah to keep his faith in everyting he do, and he is the one who will influence people to do good things, not that he is being influenced by bad things. I really hope he will be strong, I know being a teenager is not easy because I also once a teenager, and I struggled so much to take care of my iman. It's tiring, but Allah always with us so I keep struggling to become a better person. I hope he understand that whatever we do, we must show the best of Muslim side. We are the representative of religion, Islam is beautiful so don't show something that against the religion. I keep advising him about those things, but seems like I sound like a grandma that loves to babbling..(-.-")

To my little brother Hanif, please, please, take care of your iman. It's much more important than being rich and famous. Being loved by people around is nothing if you lose Allah's love. Keep it in your mind, and fight yourselves to be a better person. Whatever you do, whatever test you will face, and whatever problems come to you, I hope at the end you will be able to maintain yourself with beautiful heart and strong faith. It will save you here and hereafter, Insya Allah.

Well, he is a pilot-to-be, insya Allah. ^_^ Don't you ever dare to play around with the sexy-attractive stewardess that only will lead you to something harm. If you were to become a pilot, please be a Muslim pilot that make people respect you because of your principle. Read this blog again if you start to forget my advise..Keep this in your mind, and Happy Belated Birthday my deary brother.;D

Princess of the moon.

p/s Dear readers, please, please ignore my grammatical error.=p


Feer - Beneath the umbrella ™ said...

Assalamu alaikum G~!

I heard that it was Hanif's Birthday from Hazu, so it's good I could read it on your blog. Please forward our congratulations to him (Although Hazu already send to Hanif's twitter), may he insyallah continue to grow healthy, honest, careful and wide-minded n_n. Anyways how are you there? Everything's ok? I thought, haven't spoken you in a while, so I'd leave a love letter for the princess of the moon heehee ^_^. Take care and I miss uuu!! Salam to everyone there!


Tg fatin said...


Alhamdulillah, everything is okay, except you are not here to hear my story.;p Thank you for this love letter, I guess it comes from princess of,,err, princess of Pak Mus.^_^

Take good care too, miss u 2,3 and 4.=D