Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Experiencing the Pacific conference~


There is something new happened in my life yesterday. I did wrote about my final year project (FYP) in one of the entry before, and I said to won the showcase is a big surprise for us. And again, come the new surprise as our paper being selected in a pacific conference, specifically known as PACLING (Pacific Association For Computational Linguistics) conference. Ah currently we are doing a project on a Multilingual online dictionary, so it match up prettily with the conference itself as this is a computational linguistic conference. We have to present our paper so we got a poster session, well yesterday is the day.

Our posters- 2 parts

Surprisingly, we are the only undergraduate students that attend this conference, what?? oho, the other participants are like the PHD and master students, and maybe some of them are lecturers..By the way, the participants are from other country like Japan, Korea, Canada, Portugal, U.S.,Sweden to name a few. Wow, the three of us are super nervous, even though Madam said we always feel scared for nothing. =')I sweat a lot even the conference room was so cold, well the participants are way to good for us..huhu, we are not even graduated yet and don't have much experience in this area. Please notice that.='|

Alhamdulillah, my friend said it's good that i've prepared for the presentation, so my english seems to be quite fluent, aha, even if it's not, who cares as long as I can make the audience understand my point isn't it? Hehe, alhamdulillah, I admit by doing some preparation I become more confident and help me control the flow of the presentation, which is good for me. It's so convenience when we can grab audience attention, so we can know if they interested in our project or not.

So far, alhamdulillah, seem most of the audience interested in our project and support us to continue with this project with more enhancement. And even a man (not sure PHD or master or what) from Portugal would love if we can keep in touch for future work together. Wow, bigger opportunity approaching us now. This is seriously new for me, going international,and making friends with professionals around the world for some serious project. We don't even have business card yet. ='( I saw they were changing card with each other which is good for network in this area.. Perhaps I'll make one after this. ^_^

with Dr Normaziah, our supervisor

And another important thing is our supervisor keep advising us to further our study in master, as she hopes we can continue developing the system. She already talk about this matter about like 5-6 times before, but this time she said "Please think it seriously" which make us become more worry with the expectation that she gave to us. Well we need to think over again, but I think it's pretty good if we can continue this project because we understood well our system and it's easier for us. Well, we still need istikharah for this..Please pray the best for us, ok?^_^


minico0per said...

w0w,u guys really tumpang bngge r..n u sh0uld take seriously what ur SV said c0s she can c ur talent..g0 fatin,asma n ..(oopss,i n0e her but i can't recall her name..s0wi.^_*)..tahniah againn..

ddg said...

You should definitely go for master degree. The more you go forward in life the more opportinuties you will find ... Have faith in your ... Gaƫl the portuguese man :)