Wednesday, April 27, 2011

F.Y.P.~the memory



Smile. Everything seems to be wonderful, at least for now. I got enough sleep, I'm resting well, I can't stop my mouth from eating and happily gaining weight(-.-"). I also made pizza and baking chocolate cake, which make me happy..Yes,I feel soo happy now because i'm at Home!.Hehe, my mood twisted just like that.From sad to happy and then upset to exciting..It's the life cycle. Sometimes we up and sometimes we down..Just gives the best every moment and seek for Allah guidance always..By the way the previous entry just a stressed mode because of my busy scheduled.;p

Now, I feel much more relieved..Everything about my final year project, NOW, officially over! Alhamdulillah..My friends and I agreed that we did put so much effort, and struggled until the very end. It's like a nightmare when sometimes we not even go back to our room until late night, stayed up in the computer lab and just go back to our room after subuh prayer. It's totally not good and I hate being a 'bat',but we don't have any other choice except to finish the works on time. It's too tiring physically and mentally, believe me I LEARN a lot being a 4th year computer science student.

And..all those hard work actually paid off.=) Surprisingly, we won first place during the final showcase for computer science student this semester. I tell you, it's totally unexpected, unbelievable and unpredictable. We are just like, "no this can't be true", ahh totally speechless.Among 20 powerful groups, we are the chosen one, I only can thanks Allah for giving us such beautiful memory..Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah.^_^

The posters for the showcase.Ours is the left one.

The team. The "bat" team. ^_^

This is our "siblings"..Beautiful memory have been created with them. Good work guys..=)

I take this opportunity to express my special thanks to our family whose keep supporting us, thank u to all my friends whose directly or indirectly helping us in finishing this final year project, and also special thanks to Feer (my sister-in-law), all the contributors and also the developer of for your contribution..We appreciate it so much..^_^

Thank you and may Allah bless all of you.=)


Tengku Hanif said...

nice n cool post..:D
congrts my sis.

Feer - Beneath the umbrella ™ said...

Wahhh so nice G~! Congratulations on the achievement, you've worked very hard. I'm glad your spirit is up again :D.

Tg fatin said...


Feer~Alhamdulillah, it's your help too that make things become easier.^_^

Tg fatin said...
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