Wednesday, April 20, 2011



Sometimes we feel lost. What to do? No answer, no guidance. Lost in our own world. The decision we made becomes unwanted, something unneeded grows up and become big.What is this? the inner feeling mixed up. I don't want this. It's difficult, it's frustrated. Who knows, who cares if i cried, deep in my heart? Who is there to help me, to understand me?It's hurt.

I know, someone is there, always be there.The only One, I know this, I believe this. It's only me not being good to Him. Frustrated again. I lost even in finding myself. What to do now? I have to reconstruct my iman. I really have to. I need strength. Please,pray for me.



Tengku Hanif said...

insyaALLAH....May ALLAH Bless u my sis

Feer - Beneath the umbrella ™ said...

Insyallah guidance always seeks it's way back into your heart. Keep positive and prayer for the whole ummah :).

Tg fatin said...

Hanif~May Allah bless all of us.=)

Feer~Insya Allah,hopefully it will easily find the way back.^_^..Thank u Feer.