Saturday, June 16, 2012

Allah's creations are always the best~


Warning: This entry has a lot of pictures. Prepare your eyes.=)

Subhanallah, Allah's creation always the best. Now I just can't stop taking my kitten's pictures, they are so cute!

This entry is dedicated to my sister-in-law who leave the country when the kitten were still so small. I always want to show her the kitten's but i'm too lazy to update blog, plus she don't has any facebook account so it's somehow difficult for me to show off my pretty kittens. Hehe.=p

I hope she don't get too jealous.=p

Ok let's start the show:

Some more. oh c'mon feer, don't cry.=p

I don't really give them names, yet, but my friend call this kitten below, snow white. and I think it's pretty suit her.=)

-can you actually see the black one?-

This is Belang.

Okay, because the little snow white is super cute, I give her chance to appear more in my blog.

-oh look at the face..*cry-

-she's super cute isn't she?-

-Hi aunty feer!-

It's time to sleep..They're still cute while sleeping, why why why? *cry

Last but not least, the mama~
My Lovely Montel. =)

and daydreaming about me and our future together,eh.hehe.~


Tg.Hazu said...

feer nak bawak sekor ke holland. hok comel skali..

Tg fatin said...

boleh ambik yang hitam sekali. baru jadi putih bila duk sane.=p

Feer - Beneath the umbrella ™ said...

G~! what a cruelty, so cute...they already walking freely in the house? Huh....give my hugs to them ^_^.

Tg fatin said...

yes feer, they love to sleep on the sofa. And they play under the table while we take dinner. So small and so cute. Hehe.^_^